NevoLine™ – The Next Evolution of Viral Production 

NevoLine Biomanufacturing System - Univercells

Brussels, 21 February 2019

Increase availability & affordability of vaccines 

The world is facing an under-supply of some key vaccines due to poor synergies between growing market demands and aging production models.

In this light, Univercells developed a vaccine manufacturing platform aiming at increasing availability and affordability of vaccines – NevoLine™ system.

NevoLine – intensified & automated viral production system 

Based on a novel process architecture, Univercells designed the automated NevoLine bioproduction system that facilitates safer, faster and closed bioprocessing in a much smaller footprint. Through intensification and chaining of unit steps into a continuous process, users achieve high yields with less time and money invested. 

The system was initially developed as part of a $12M Grand Challenges grant awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver affordable inactivated polio vaccine (sIPV).




Cost-effective ProductionAutomated OperationsRapid deployment
Reduced footprint & simplified infrastructureVirus Containmentfast implementation in new or existing facility
Low capital investmentEnvironment and operators safetyReduced time-to-market
Low operational expendituresAdaptable to epidemic preparedness approches

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