Intensified fixed-bed technology for cost-effective & scalable viral production


The scale-X™ carbo is a bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance, suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical production. It features a modular, scalable, fixed-bed bioreactor designed for enhanced upstream processing of viral products. 

Its benefits are multiple: 

Low-footprint integrated system delivering high cell densities & viral titersHomogeneous cell distribution throughout the fixed-bedPredictable cell & product behavior


Offering a broad range of solutions from discovery to commercial stage 

The scale-X family is designed to ensure seamless scalability from early process development to commercial manufacturing. The fixed-bed structure provides a high surface area available for cell predictable cell culture in a very low footprint, while delivering similar fluid conditions at all scales, thus ensuring predictable cell & product behavior.

scale-X bioreactor family

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