What we offer

Customizable solutions for viral production

Univercells provides customizable solutions for viral production (human and veterinary vaccines, gene therapy vectors, oncolytic viruses), enabling rapid implementation of novel biomanufacturing capabilities.


  • Cost optimization

    Drastically reduced facility footprint enabling low CAPEX and cost-effective production.

  • Production capacity

    Increased production performance while securing critical product quality profile.

  • Time-to-market

    Rapid deployment for timely market access or preventive tool for rapid response to global threats.

  • Risk limitation

    Simple and automated process ensuring reproducible quality, offering containment possibilities for increased safety.

We deliver

  • Process - Intensified & cost-effective manufacturing process achieving high production capacity at very low COGS.
  • Platform - Low-footprint production platform adapted to any viral-based product requirements
  • Know-how - Complete technology transfer and process support ensuring efficient and seamless operation.
  • Case study

    Micro-facility for sIPV production

    Univercells was awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a breakthrough vaccine manufacturing platform for polio vaccine (sIPV). With the objective of radically reducing costs and increasing vaccine availability and affordability in developing countries, the project aims to reach high production capacity while reducing the footprint, and therefore cost, of the facility.

    • Target CAPEX: 10 M €

      For local deployment of a factory using a self-contained, small footprint micro-facility
    • Target COGS: $15cts/dose

      Drastic reduction of manufacturing costs
    • Target Capacity: 40 M doses/year

      Objective to deliver 40 million doses of trivalent sIPV per year


End-to-end manufacturing solution for seamless market entry

Univercells offers an end-to-end manufacturing solution installed in a cost-effective facility for rapid market entry with limited investment, enabling local cost-effective production of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies and enzyme replacement therapies.


  • Cost optimization

    Low CAPEX facility delivering low COGS, for secured return on investment and sustainable business.

  • Local production

    Development of local expertise, creating value for manufacturers and patients

  • Time-to-market

    Rapid market access made possible by swift implementation and facilitated regulatory approval

  • Flexible production

    Flexible production capabilities facilitating capacity increase or multi-product manufacturing


  • GMP Cell Line - For high-quality biosimilar antibody or enzyme production
  • Characterization package - Demonstrating biosimilarity
  • Tech Transfer Process - Transfer of process & know how, CMC & Regulatory support
  • Equipment - Delivering high yield and cost-effective production & purification of biologics
  • Documentation - Delivery of full documentation package on process and equipment

What we offer

Tailored solution overcoming production limitations

Univercells process can be tailored to fit existing assets, either fixed-bed or suspension cell culture, offering simple process adaptation achieving dramatic cost savings.

Univercells offers custom solutions to overcome production limitation, for novel or biosimilar recombinant proteins (antibodies, enzymes) at any development or commercialization stage and scale.


  • Production Capacity

    Increased production performance while securing products quality profile.

  • Cost optimization

    Improved overall process efficiency while reutilizing existing assets

  • Risk limitation

    Technologies based on well-accepted principles, for increased regulatory acceptability


  • Tech Transfer Proccess - Transfer of process & know how, CMC & Regulatory support
  • Equipment - Cost-effective purification of biologics, chained with existing cell culture asset, available at any scale
  • Documentation - Delivery of full documentation package on process and equipment

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