Our pragmatic approach

Breaking barriers to biomanufacturing

Univercells leverages manufacturing technologies to catalyze biologics dissemination, as a direct answer to the unmet need for localized production. Our technology focuses on significantly reducing the infrastructure footprint to offer cost-effective production of high-quality biologics for small to medium-size markets.

Univercells - breaking the biomanufacturing paradigm - distributed production of biologics


Distributed manufacturing

We trust local implementation of production capabilities will foster the accessibility of biologics, creating new market places around the world.
This distributed manufacturing will be achieved by deploying low-footprint multi-product facilities more affordable to build and operate, enabling in-country, for-country production.

Univercells breaking the biomanufacturing paradigm - example of simplified facility using Single-Use technology


Simplified production units

By designing integrated process architecture to reach miniaturized, high-capacity production capabilities, we create the opportunity for a sustainable & flexible production. With low investment, Univercells is offering high flexibility to product manufacturing capacity.

Univercells breaking the biomanufacturing paradigm - example of simplified facility with NevoLine biomanufacturing platform

Reinventing the process

Process Intensification & Integration

By applying a smart engineering approach, Univercells has developed innovative manufacturing solutions based on the intensification of unit steps & process integration from upstream to downstream.
With simplified and automated operations, Univercells ensures process safety and consistency of operations, keeping the highest quality standards.

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