At Univercells, we are committed to revolutionizing biologics availability around the world, by making vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other essential medicines affordable to all, in quality and price. 

Univercells is an innovative investment holding overseeing four biotechnology businesses in different degrees of maturity: a biomanufacturing equipment company, a contract manufacturer, a vaccine company, and a healthcare company. Together, we focus on increasing the availability of affordable vaccines and biotherapeutics to address global health challenges. The company is developing a turnkey solution for a series of vaccines and biotherapeutics to be delivered at an affordable price. By relying on proprietary core technologies and a continuous process intensification approach, production is achieved with a smaller footprint, and significantly lower overall capital and operational costs. 

With our four subsidiaries, we deliver excellence and strive for innovation thanks to collaborative teams of passionate change-makers. We are driven by 5 core values in everything do: Accountability, Continuous Improvement, Teach & Lead, Integrity, and Team spirit. 

We are currently looking for an intern to reinforce our Corporate Development team. Excited to be part of this great adventure and to benefit from a first professional experience with an impact that really matters? Apply now! If you are curious to get a snap view on our work environment and testimonials of our colleagues, click here(URL:

Internship title:

Organizing External Innovation – Roadmap to structure connection with Universities

About the internship:

Do these things interest you? During the internship, you will:

  • Develop a strategy to connect Univercells with Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) from Universities around the globe.
  • Univercells is constantly looking for the next innovation and you will be the one to make the plan how.

Key objectives of the internship:

Eager to have a real impact? At the end of the internship you will have delivered concrete outputs:

  • Global mapping of the technology transfer office landscape. 
  • A TTOs segmentation and list of priorities with whom to connect first. 
  • An actionable plan to structure a connection with TTOs.
  • Development and implementation of tools to establish and maintain contact with and monitor TTOs.
  • A vademecum of best practice cases from larger players.

Expected start date:

01/02/2021 (we are flexible – 01/03/2021 possible as well)


Min: 2 months

Max: 6 months


Brussels (even if nowadays remote working will be privileged)

About you:

Are you the talent we are looking for? We look for a motivated student who can demonstrate:

  • Ability to familiarize quickly with unknown subjects and baseline curiosity.
  • Accountability and strong capability of working autonomously in a changing and diverse environment. 
  • Detail & goal-oriented, persistent, and with an analytical mindset. 
  • Business sense. 
  • Affinity to biotech and start-ups
  • Capable to take initiative.
  • Both strategic and hands-on mindset.
  • Team-oriented and proactive.
  • Sense of humor and with a touch of fun: even if we work seriously, we do not take ourselves (too) seriously!

You can apply alone or as a team of two students.

Specific required skills

For this internship specifically, it’s important that you are very comfortable with:

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English.
  • Familiar with the business vocabulary.
  • Excel is one of your best friends, especially databases.
  • Capacity to translate analysis into relevant & comprehensive contents.
  • Ability to conduct literature and online research. 

Educational background:

Even if we always favor personality and skills, we believe this internship will best suit students with the following profile:

  • MSc student in business subject (International business, innovation, marketing, finance, etc.)


  • MSc student in biotech studies (Biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, etc.)