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A word from our employees

A word from our employees

Barbara Bolle Univercells Analytical Scientist Work-Life - Univercells testimonial

Barbara , Analytical Scientist

Despite the huge medical over the last few years, worldwide health is still one of the most challenging field and this is mostly due to the lack of access for people around the world to the medication. Univercells, thanks to Science and Innovation has as ambition to make biologics available and affordable for all. This mission resonates within me and has given me the desire to join Univercells and to help to concretize this goal.

As Analytical Scientist I am working transversally with Upstream developments and Downstream development team. My role is to develop, validate and organize running of analytical methods that will answer their question in term of quality attribute of the product. To summary, the role of the analytical team is to prove that the drug is safe, efficacious and pure.

What makes the work at Univercells even more exciting, beyond the highly innovative aspect, is the multicultural atmosphere. My colleagues come from all over the world. Everyone shares their knowledge and experience for the same purpose: make us grow.

I see my futur within Univercells, it’s an endless adventure! New products and new collaboration are coming. So much new challenges that give me the opportunity to learn and share more!

Alexandre - Testimonial - Working at Univercells

Alexandre, Design Engineer

As a Civil Engineer, I always wanted to use my technical skills to impact the health sector and I found exactly what I was looking for with Univercells’ philosophy. It’s very rewarding to know that what we do at Univercells will positively impact global health.

As a Design Engineer, I work on the development and the implementation of the bioproduction platform – the NevoLine™ system. I am also part of our technical R&D team to elevate even further our cutting-edge technology to the next generations to come as well as future applications.

My perspective at Univercells is to take the lead of a technical team and work together on the future company’s challenges to make biologics even more affordable and accessible to all!

Ksenia Univercells WorkLife Testimonials

Ksenia , Biosimilar Developer

There is barely a more meaningful thing in our life than health. Univercells’ mission – making biologics to all around the globe – is something that resonates a lot with my values, and this is why I find my so appealing.

At Univercells, I work to make sure that our biologics solutions reach the market in a time-record and with the highest quality. I am involved in the clinical development of our therapies working on securing patients benefits already at the early stages of corporate programs, ensuring all regulatory and ethical requirements are met.

What I find very impressive is how the company is maintaining a fruitful multicultural environment, which reminds me a scientific “melting pot” where we benefit greatly from the diversity of our ideas and approaches.

I see my work at Univercells as an adventure pursuing continuous improvement and excellence which are essential for delivering safe and efficacious biologics to those in need all over the world.