Pragmatic approach

Breaking barriers to biomanufacturing

Univercells leverages manufacturing technologies as a direct answer to the growing demand of viral vaccines and viral vectors. Our technology focuses on significantly reducing the infrastructure footprint to offering a cost-effective and scalable production of high-quality biologics

Univercells manufacturing technologies

Reinventing process design

Process intensification and chaining

The single-use scale-X™ bioreactor delivers intensified production of viral products, relying on a novel structured fixed-bed design. Chained with in-line product concentration, the system delivers high-titer, low volume process material.
The full range of scale-X bioreactors enables smooth scalability of viral production from R&D to commercialization with the NevoLine™ platform.

Univercells breaking the biomanufacturing paradigm - example of simplified facility with NevoLine biomanufacturing platform

Integrating biomanufacturing

The NevoLine™ platform

Combining principles of process intensification, chaining, and automation, the NevoLine platform enables the production of viral products in an extremely reduced footprint, reaching high capacities and low costs of goods. The modular design of the platform enables configurations to suit a variety of processes and products.

Univercells breaking the biomanufacturing paradigm - example of simplified facility using Single-Use technology


Simplified facilities

The innovative scale-X and NevoLine manufacturing technologies enable the rapid deployment of autonomous multi-product simplified facilities, more cost-effective to build and to operate while offering flexible capabilities.