Overcoming the economies of scale paradigm

The NevoLine™ biomanufacturing platform proposes a disruptive approach to achieve cost-effective viral production.

The technology combines principles of process intensification, chaining, and automation in self-contained modules to drastically reduce facility footprint, capital, and operational expenditures. The NevoLine platform offers solutions for various applications such as viral vaccines, gene therapies, and oncolytic viruses.

NevoLine platform for viral vaccines, gene therapies and oncolytic viruses



Reinventing commercial-scale virus production

The low footprint NevoLine platform delivers large quantities of bulk product, rapidly building cost-effective capacity for viral production.

The platform is suited for GMP-compliant manufacture from clinical to commercial scale.

NevoLine platform - reiventing commercial-scale viral production


An intensified & integrated modular approach to virus manufacture


Automated procedures simplify the day-to-day operations and decrease the number of manual interventions, reducing labor costs while promoting process reliability.


Unit operations located in functionally closed systems with air classification and biosafety levels that are tailored to the selected application, enhancing product sterility and personnel safety.

Integrating the scale-X bioreactor

Single-use fixed-bed bioreactor with in-line product concentration for intensified upstream processing. The scale-X nitro bioreactor offers 200 m² to 600 m² growth surface.



Independent modules are chained together to provide product-specific platforms for clinical and commercial-scale viral manufacture.


Cost-effective production

Delivering large manufacturing capacities within a small footprint, drastically reducing capital and operational expenditures

Reliable operations

Automated operations increasing reproducibility, in high-safety modules offering application-specific biosafety levels

Rapid deployment

Building production capacity in new or existing facility for a rapid market access


  • Brochure
    | Nevoline

    The NevoLine™ platform: the next evolution of viral production

    The NevoLine platform provides intensified & automated viral production in 10 m², drastically reducing facility footprint & investment requirements.

  • Poster
    | Nevoline

    The NevoLine™ platform: a disruptive approach for cost-effective virus production

    Combining process intensification, automation and chaining to reduce COGs, CAPEX and footprint

  • Poster
    | Nevoline, polio vaccine (sIPV)

    The NevoLine™ platform: case study on trivalent inactivated polio (sIPV) vaccine production

    Introducing a novel manufacturing platform for flexible, reliable and cost-effective production, delivering polio vaccine (sIPV) at a final cost below $0.30/dose

  • Solutions

    Turnkey vaccine solution

    Delivering a portfolio of affordable vaccines

    The NevoLine platform is available for cost-effective production of polio, measles & rubella, and a range of other global health vaccines. These vaccines are delivered in turnkey solutions enabling rapid deployment of new production capacity and accelerated market access.

    Tailored NevoLine platform

    Building capacity for your viral production

    The modular design of the NevoLine platform offers high flexibility, enabling the creation of bespoke solutions for a multitude of processes and applications.

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