Bringing viral production to the next level

The scale-X™ bioreactor portfolio provides enhanced upstream processing of viral products. Featuring a structured and intensified fixed-bed design, scale-X bioreactors are chained with in-line product concentration. It offers a linear scalability from the bench to the plant (R&D to commercial), perfectly suited to deliver your viral vaccines and gene therapies.

scale-X single-used fixed-bed bioreactor portfolio


Overcoming the main challenges of biomass immobilization

Limitations of current fixed-bed technologies
Advantages of the scale-X bioreactor

Inhomogeneous cell distribution caused by unstructured fixed-bed designs (strips, discs)

Homogeneous cell and media distribution throughout the fixed-bed

  • Patented spiral-wound structured fixed-bed
  • Homogeneous and reproducible cell growth performance

Difficult scaling from the bench to the plant

Smooth, de-risked scale-up and scale-down

  • Comprehensive portfolio covering R&D, clinical and commercial needs
  • Linear scalability by design

Large process footprints and complex operations

Low-footprint and concentrated harvests

  • Bioreactor chained with in-line product concentration
  • Simplified upstream and downstream processing


Product types

Viral vaccines, gene therapy, oncolytic viruses

Cell lines

Mammalian, insect, avian and other animal cells for adherent and suspension culture


Scalability from discovery to commercial manufacturing

The scale-X technology was designed to achieve cost-effective large capacity production. Integrated into the NevoLine™ biomanufacturing platform, the scale-X nitro bioreactor enables the future of large-scale viral production.

The scale-X hydro and carbo systems offer scale-down models suited to meet smaller production demands.

scale-X single-use fixed-bed bioreactor

scale-X carbo


scale-X carbo bioreactor system

Bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance, featuring a single-use bioreactor offering 10 to 30 m² growth surface.

The scale-X carbo system is suited for rapid process development and cost-effective clinical production.

scale-X bioreactor: fixed-bed and single-use


Reinventing benchtop production

Single-use bioreactor

Novel structured fixed-bed design ensuring homogeneous cell and media distribution, offering 10 and 30 m² growth surface.


Ease of use

Single-use bioreactor with pre-assembled and guided tubing manifolds for easy setup. Quick access to key process controls parameters and user-friendly operations.


Fixed-bed sampling

Unique fixed-bed sampling for direct cell monitoring and harvest time determination


In-line product concentration

Novel process design coupling high-density bioreactor with in-line product concentration, delivering concentrated harvest for streamlined downstream operations.


Automated operations

Advanced process control functionalities for protocol execution and standard parameter monitoring, enabling increased reproducibility & reliability.



Structured fixed-bed design ensures predictable behavior for seamless scale-up throughout the scale-X range.


Homogeneous cell distribution delivers reproducible performance coupled with cell sampling for direct monitoring.


Low footprint, integrated system produces high cell densities and viral titers to optimize capital investment and reduce operating costs.


  • Brochure
    | Scale-X

    The scale-X™ carbo fixed-bed bioreactor for cost-effective & scalable viral production

    Bench-scale automated cell culture system for expression and concentration of viral drug substance

  • Application note
    | AAV, gene therapy, Scale-X

    scale-X™ bioreactor for viral vector production

    This application note demonstrates the successful transfer of the culture of HEK293 cells for adenoviral vector production from static plasticware to the scale-X hydro fixed-bed bioreactor

  • Poster
    | AAV, gene therapy, Scale-X

    Scalable, high performance single-use bioreactor for AAV production

    Case study with 4D Molecular Therapeutics for an adeno-associated virus-based gene therapy: process transfer from a static cell culture system to Univercells’ scale-X bioreactor

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