The SRIW #createurdefuturs and its Life Sciences team #chooselife are pleased to invite you to an event dedicated to our #localheroes and their impact on the future of global #healthcare. David Louvet, COO of Univercells Group, will be one of the panelists. 

The program

5.00 pm Afternoon session workshops introduced by S.R.I.W. Life Sciences Team :

5.30 pm "Common pitfalls for early-stage funding rounds" with Vinciane Gaussin, Alain Huriez, Jean-Pierre Latere, Pierre Close

5.30 pm " Pitch a winning story" with Guiseppe Marzio, Jean Chatellier, Fiona du Monceau, Jan Van Den Bossche, Denis Dufrane

5.30 pm "From FIH to market : lessons learned, pitfalls and clues for success" with Joris Pezzini, Everardo Saad, Channa Debruyne & Eric Halioua, Zubair Hussein & Michel Vanbrabant

5.30 pm "« How the right ESG approach can attract the right leaders and impact business? " with Penny Sadler, Maud Lazare, Karine Lacombe, David Louvet, Alain Flas

6.45 pm Evening session introduced by Catarina Letor :

7.00 pm "Looking Back At Today’s Healthcare In 2060" by Dr Bertalan Meskó

7.30 pm "Private equity’s evolving role in promoting environmental and social sustainability - perspectives from the US." by Martha J. Crawford, PhD

Q&A with Prof. Philippe Chevalier.

All information and registration details can be found here: