Introducing a proof of concept with HEK293 cell growth & adenovirus production



Adherent cells for the production of viral vectors are widely used in the development and commercialization of gene therapies and will become even more so in the future. Traditional processes for adherent cell culture use static methods for process development and industrial production, but these suffer from a number of limitations. Indeed, static methods lack precise environmental control, are heavily dependent on manual operations and can only be scaled-out as opposed to scaled-up.

The use of scalable fixed-bed bioreactor technology offers the opportunity to supply the gene therapy market with the required quantities in an affordable manner.


scale-X bioreactor for scalable viral production

Univercells introduces a portfolio of single-use, automated bioreactor systems allowing intensified cell culture and viral production from pilot to large scale industrial manufacturing (2.4 m² to 600 m² and above).

A first proof-of-concept was carried out to transfer HEK293 cells for adenovirus production from static plastic to scale-X hydro bioreactor (2.4 m²). Discover preliminary results, with promising viral yields opening the door for further process development and scale-up using the scale-X bioreactor portfolio.

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  • Application note
    | AAV, gene therapy, Scale-X

    scale-X™ bioreactor for viral vector production

    This application note demonstrates the successful transfer of the culture of HEK293 cells for adenoviral vector production from static plasticware to the scale-X hydro fixed-bed bioreactor