Accelerating global immunization

Success of vaccination

Vaccines are the most cost-effective preventive medicine ever invented, presenting tremendous social and economic benefits.


However, reaching and sustaining global immunization can only be achieved via novel production and delivery models.

2.3 M

deaths prevented by immunization every year

$ 5 M

estimated annuals savings enabled by vaccination in GAVI countries


global vaccination coverage, stagnating over the past few years

1.5 M

additional lives could be saved yearly by increasing global immunization


Current technologies unfit to support vaccination campaigns

Continued and enhanced vaccination calls for long-lasting supply of sufficient quantities at an affordable price, overcoming the current challenges:

Insufficient supply

Large procurement organizations face supply shortages despite contracted commitments, resulting in substantial supply gaps.

Inadequate technology

Current technologies fail to provide large production capacity at an affordable cost, making vaccine production rely on large facilities and massive investments.


Reaching global supply of affordable vaccines

Univercells is developing a portfolio of global health vaccines to support immunization campaigns and make biologics available for all. Based on the NevoLine™ platform, large quantities of these vaccines can be produced at drastically lower costs to meet market demands.

R&D Pre-clinical Phase I Phase II
Polio sIPV
Measles + Rubella


Turnkey solutions for accelerated market entry

Univercells vaccine portfolio is delivered in turnkey solutions enabling rapid facility construction, cost-effective manufacturing, and seamless regulatory approval. Manufacturers can, therefore, deploy new production capacity while limiting capital expenditure and avoiding long development timelines.


Turnkey solution suited to market needs

Low-footprint facilities with limited upfront investment, delivering large capacities at a sustainable price

Rapid positioning in the vaccine market

Rapid deployment of ready-to-market vaccines

Positive societal impact

Sustainable production and supply of affordable vaccines


Viral Vaccines

Global health vaccines including GMP-grade cell line, viral strain and characterization package.

Paltform for end-to-end manufacture

Fully automated NevoLine™ platform for cost-effective vaccine manufacturing of drug substance

Modular facility design

Collaboration can include the design or revamping your facility, enabling a rapid deployment at low CAPEX.

Technology transfer & training

Transfer of complete process including upstream, downstream and analytics, thorough training for transfer of know-how.


Full dossier including clinical & regulatory package, process & equipment documentation, accelerating market approval.

Case study

  • Polio vaccine production with the NevoLine platform

    Sabin inactivated polio (sIPV) vaccine produced with the NevoLine platform aiming at delivering high capacity and minimizing capital and operational expenditures. The self-contained NevoLine platform enables safe & reliable vaccine production.

    • Capacity: 50 M doses/year

      With 4 NevoLine systems at large scale

    • CoGs: <$30 cts/dose

      For drug product

    • Investment: $ 30-40 M

      NevoLine-based facility

  • Measles & rubella vaccines production with NevoLine platform

    Leveraging the NevoLine biomanufacturing platform to deliver affordable measles & rubella vaccines targeted towards increasing access in low & middle-income countries.

    • Target capacity: 100 M doses/year

    • Target CoGs: $15 cts/dose

      For drug product

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