A global health challenge

Many people and countries cannot afford the medicines they need. Developing new medicines is expensive and takes a long time. Patients and countries are dependent on a very small number of producers.

Our Mission

We use 3 principles to make biologics available and accessible to all.

  • Technology driven affordability: the only long-term way to drive down costs is through technology, not by paying people less. Our technologies are designed to provide a way to make biologics and medicines in a low-cost, low-footprint way, but still able to produce large volumes.
  • Innovation: we use an engineering approach to create new technologies that drive unprecedented access.
  • Autonomy: we believe our partners have the right to control their own supply of medicines. In addition to providing partners with access to expertise, we also offer access to manufacturing capacity for production at scale.
Meet Univercells’ Team
Univercells in a nutshell