Revolutionizing  access to life-changing drugs


We develop innovative technologies that help to produce biotech drugs faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. This allows more people to get the life-changing vaccines and therapies they need.

Our transformative impact:


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Reduction in drug development timelines


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Reduction in RNA drug development cost

Our Platforms

Our journey into new markets has led us to recognize the need for tailored solutions that address unique regulatory, manufacturing, and timeline requirements.


Our commitment to innovation is driving the development of next-generation design-to-delivery platforms. These integrated systems encompass the entire manufacturing process, resulting in ready-to-use drug solutions.

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By focusing on integration and streamlining processes, we are significantly reducing manufacturing timelines while ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Through our dedication to innovation, we're creating technologies that empower industries to produce life-saving products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.


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Bioinformatics platform that streamlines the RNA sequence design and optimization.

We have tackled the challenge of mRNA complex design by developing a bioinformatic platform that streamlines the RNA sequence design and optimization.

We can:

  • Design highly functional RNA for diverse applications.

    Enhance the biological performance according to the foreseen use.

    De-risk the development by reducing development timelines and associated costs.

    Univercells fills a critical gap in RNA in silico design, enabling faster, more affordable drug development with better performances and lower doses.


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Translate designed RNA sequence into a DNA template with proprietary cell-free enzymatic amplification.

Univercells bridges the gap between RNA in silico design and DNA production.

We translate the designed RNA sequence into a DNA template (crucial starting point for RNA manufacturing) by leveraging our proprietary cell-free enzymatic method.


    Amplifying your plasmid DNA template containing the gene of interest, delivering ideally suited linear DNA for mRNA synthesis.


    Our services can deliver DNA in weeks, compared to traditional methods that can take up to months.


    Our processes eliminates risks linked to traditional E. Coli production. Including the absence of biological contaminants, reduced risk of unwanted bacterial sequences in the final product, and the elimination of residual E.coli genomic DNA and proteins.


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Construct-agnotstic process for mRNA production, compatible with portfolio of scalable manufacturing technologies. Validating for other RNA chemistries.

We tackled the expensive and complex mRNA production using a proprietary process and manufacturing technology.

Our process is:


    Minimizing reagent consumption for equivalent output.


    High-yield, consistent quality regardless of RNA construct.


    Our continuous, automated production in a compact system enables efficient large-scale production without the necessity of increasing reaction volumes.


    Our compact technology can fit in a space as compact as a shipping container.


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Proprietary lipids and compositions for formulation, novel delivery systems including viruses for effective drug delivery.

We deliver effective mRNA vaccines through a dual approach:

  • Technological development – LNPs encapsulation
    Providing predictable scaling, automated equipment, and reduces the need for investment due to its compact design.
    Formulation development – novel delivery systems
    We are developing new formulations (LNP, non-LNPs and hybrids) to address limitations such as reactogenicity, thermostability, associated with current LNP systems.

Our Pipeline

Our R&D efforts go beyond technologies. We have established deep research and drug development capabilities for critical illnesses, to be able to better understand our customer needs and to ensure our platforms are fit-for-purpose. We are expanding our portfolio and capabilities to be able to address a wider range of healthcare needs.


Among our achievements, we have successfully developed a human rabies vaccine slated to enter phase 1 clinical trials. Additionally, through a strategic partnership with a global pharma company, we are jointly pioneering innovative oncology treatments.

These reflect our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions that address critical global needs and improve patient outcomes.


We cultivate strong partnerships, recognizing that a robust network is essential to accelerate drug development and access to patients.


We believe the future of competition is collaboration.

We partner with research institutes....

We strategically partner with research institutes, granting us proximity to cutting-edge research and enabling us to support the development of future drugs.

Together with biotechs...

We drive innovation in new therapies development. We establish win-win situations by leveraging our technology to manufacture new drugs, accelerating their path to patients.

Our network extends to Big Pharma.

Big pharmaceutical companies bring their extensive drug development expertise and established market access, while Univercells provides innovative manufacturing solutions.

Building Bridges for Breakthroughs


Co-development partner for accelerated development of personalized cancer vaccines based on our proprietary platform.


Technology supplier for the World Health Organization mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub.


Partner to accelerate African vaccine manufacturing autonomy and sustainability, including affordable access to mRNA-based epidemic vaccines and Measles-Rubella vaccines for routine immunization in Africa.


Long-term partner for developing and manufacturing next generation vaccines for neglected tropical diseases, for supply within Latin America and across the world.


Technology supplier and collaborator on mRNA production, novel technologies for affordable and safe vaccine scale up and vaccine candidate development.