Root Cause

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several significant global initiatives focused on the decentralisation of biomanufacturing, expanding capacity, and pandemic preparedness. The consensus is growing around the need for systems equipped to function in both pandemic and ‘peace-time’.

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We are building an ecosystem that will help us achieve our goal of Biologics for All. Our group of companies is expanding the support they can provide by offering access to:

  • cutting-edge technology
  • production infrastructure
  • strategic advisory support

In 2022, we expanded our facilities in France and Belgium, installed our shipping-container facility at Quantoom, and renovated the Univercells Techologies site. Our CDMO Exothera has extended its capacities to be the world’s first nucleic acid CRDMO to use a continuous manufacturing system. In April, RLM consulting joined the group providing regulatory affairs support at all stages of medicinal product development.

We have built a network of partners to support the delivery of innovative solutions to global health challenges. In Senegal, our partnership with Batavia Biosciences will use their Hip Vax intensified production process on Univercells Technologies Nevoline Upstream platform to develop a Measles and Rubella vaccine. In South Africa, Quantoom’s partnership with Etherna for LNP technology, will facilitate the scale-up of Afrigen Biologics’ first African-owned COVID-19 vaccine.

By engaging with key stakeholders from across the global health landscape, we’re providing the institutional support required to achieve our desired impact. Since our inception we have received strong support from the Belgian government and are embedded in the European institutional ecosystem. We are also members of various global platforms, including the World Economic Forum, and have strong relationships with key global health stakeholders including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Takeda and the World Health Organization.


In expanding our own and our partners’ capacity, we are:

  • cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of biotechnology innovation focused on addressing global health challenges
  • creating more jobs in Belgium, Europe and in partner countries
  • supporting our mission to serve as a hub for biomanufacturing in Belgium and Europe

In addition to improving accessibility, this expansion of capacity increases the speed and efficiency of biologic production. Building infrastructure that is closer to the end user reduces the time and costs associated with transportation and logistics.

Simultaneously, we’re channeling learnings from our diverse partnerships around the world. This is helping ensure that best practices and key insights are shared with the stakeholders which helps set the agenda at the global and regional levels.

Case Study Impact

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported us in 2016 for our polio platform. In 2021 we incubated our RNA initiative, launching a company dedicated to using our engineering approach to solve the challenge of RNA access. By the end of 2021, we were 70 people, and so glad to welcome the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation again as our partner.

— Jose Castillo, Univercells co-founder and Quantoom Biosciences CEO.